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Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley

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When we visited Death Valley we stopped at Mosaic Canyon with a last minute decision. It was already getting dark and we were heading home from our daytrip to our airport night at Trona. It was a great decision and although we could not walk the full 3 miles back and forth we got a great taste of how the canyon looked.


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Death Valley, California

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The desert is a very unusual place. Can be the hottest place on Earth at summer and it can get very cold at nights. It was very pleasant in November and we enjoyed the warm sunshine (about 20 C). Driving on the straight, empty road was somewhat similar to our Alaskan adventures. This time there was no technical issue and we just stared into the distance happily.


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Trona Airport, California

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We like to stop at interesting local places like farms, breweries here and there, golf clubs, wineries , private homes or airports selected from HarvestHosts. This time we enjoyed the hospitality of a small airport at Trona, California. When I asked about the traffic the man helping us to park said there are four airplanes at the airport so no take offs for days. Surprisingly the next day a small aircraft (aluminium frame and a textile covering) arrived so we enjoyed the landing and talked to the pilot who was a local doing a trip around towns nearby.

The airport had a pilot's "bar" with plenty of cold soft drinks, a coffee machine and a restroom which we were allowed to use too. We got electricity and water too so it was a luxurious Harvest Host stay. We were very happy with it and enjoyed the special desert setting too. Echo, our dog made
a new friend, Mike.


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Sequoia National Park

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We have seen some big and hige redwoods but today we have visited The Largest Tree on Earth. It is standing amongst many others at the Sequoia National Park in Californai. It is called General Sherman's Tree and a very curvy mountain road leads to it.
When we checked on Google Maps and it estinated 1 hour and 15 minutes for 25 miles I knew it will be a good drive!
We have climbed from 2000 feet to 7000 feet, here is a short section as an example:


The road was also beautiful with some visible signs of recent fires. Redwoods and Sequioa in general is naturally bonded with fire. Fire scars in tree rings dating back 2,000 years show that widespread fires occurred naturally at intervals ranging from 6 to 35 years in these forests.


The setting sun on our way back was creating a beautiful haze.


First we walked through a fallen tree.


The highlight was the largest tree, General Sherman's Tree.


Photos will not tell its sheer size.

On our way back we have seen a beautiful river with huge rocks in its bed. We stayed in the Three Rivers area so the name was self explanatory.


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Santa Cruz

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What a sunny and calm Saturday! A beautiful drive along HW-1 heading South on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The same road leading down to Mexico and hopefully we will travel on it soon for our winter stop. This is just a day tpur now with friends from San Francisco. We discussed what a great ride this would have been on motorbikes, the way we met each other almost twenty years ago!


After a great local lunch enroute to Santa Cruz at Davenport we arrived to the seaside parking of Santa Cruz. A large amusement park with a caroussel and many other attractions right on the oceanside.


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