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Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, Fairbanks, Alaska

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We have stopped in Fairbanks enroute to Denali Park from Delta Junction at the antique auto museum and it is a must visit if you are in the area. The whole family was entertained by the collection of vintage automobiles and period fashions complemented by exhibits, photographs and videos. This “living museum”'s collection contains over 95 pre-World War II automobiles. We asked and was told that 77 were on display and all but 3 are operated in the summer!

The earliest car is from 1898 (Hay Motor Vehicle) and the collection ranges up to a 1936 Packard 1408 series dual windshield Phaeton. The expansive collection contains horseless carriages, steamers, electric cars, speedsters, cyclecars, midget racers and 30s classics. A jaw dropping experience! The workshop area is separated by a glass wall so you can see how mechanics work on the vintage cars to keep then alive and working.

The cars are displayed in chronological order and the fashion items and displays are very nicely inserted in between to offer a great overview of the given moment in time. We could easily spend half a day in there and would be happy to return any time!

Enioy this video from the official website:

and my random pictures in this post.




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Beaver Creek CA to Delta Junction, USA

Finishing the Alaska Highway

12 °C
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After our morning routine (good breakfast, today some bacon and eggs), packing up the trailer and dumping / filling water tanks and refueling the car we left Beaver Creek around 12:30. The Canada / USA border was just 30 minutes, I mean we left Canada in 30 minites and then we had to drive another 30 miles to reach the USA customs building. The officer was a bit upset due to the guy in front of us who did not declare a wild animal he was shooting in Canada and tried to drive it through the border. They had a lenghty discussion and finally they let the guy go. I am not sure what happened to the wild animal they talked about.

We also had a long conversation about our travels and we got admitted to the USA. The road conditions were very good until Beaver Creek but then the next 80-100 miles has been described as awful by fellow travellers we talked to. It was quite damaged in several shorter spans and we have seen many fresh repairs as well. We talked to a woman in Beaver Creek who had to stay there for days as the main structure of their trailer broke in one of the potholes. So we drove very carefully and even slower than usual, around 50-60 km / hour.

The season quickly chamged from summer to autumn in the last few days as we pressed on Northwest. All the trees were yellow and temperature dropped to 10-12 celsius.


As we grinded miles the landscape was becoming more and more dramatic. The clouds and the ice covered mountains in the distance looked majestic. Endless forests, wide rivers. Unreal.


We crossed another time zone amd arrived in the evening to the end of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction.


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Yukon River to Beaver Creek

In the morning we started with an oil change of the new generator then we started a relatively long day. We had several stops, the first at lunchtime at the Haines Junction Visitor Information Centre. It was a very informative exhibition and a very interesting stop. Then we headed towards Destruction Bay and we stopped for a short (1km) uphill hike at Kluane Lake, which is called the Soldiers Summit Trail. This was the place the original Alaska Highway's Opening Ceremony took place in 1943.


Finally we stopped at the Pickhandle Lake Recreation site.


After a short but refreshing stop we covered the final stretch of our driving to Beaver Creek whoch is just 30 kms from the CA-USA border.
We captured a polar beer with Echo and fainted into our bed.


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Watson Lake to Yukon River

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We started the day washing the car and the trailer which is quite a long job to do. The place we stayed (Downtown RV Park) is in the center of Watson Lake but do not think anything similar to downtown New York or other large cities. The park's RV wash was well equipped (meaning a bucket and a good quality brush on a long rod). So the whole rig became nice and clear again after the road constructions and rain. I am also grateful for the two new propane hoses I purchased from Archie, who even kindly installed yellow tape (propane) on the end of the hose to make it safe. Another update to the maintenance post.


After a quite uneventful, long drive we arrived to Yukon River and decided to stop in a rest area and boondock. We had water and tested the new generator which runs the fridge easily.


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Toad River Lodge to Watson Lake (via Liard Hot Springs)

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We started after a lazy morning and passed by the small airport opposite our night stop. On the road we have seen different animals today, after our recent bear spotting. We have seen caribous, later buffalos and a coyote.


Then at a road construction we were led by a pilot car again through the closure. This time we had to drive far into the woods on a temporary detour which was created to skip the construction part of the main road. It was fun following the truck with a large "Oversize" sign on its back.


The main programme for today was the Liard Hot Springs which is a natural hot water source available for bathing in its natural setting. A nice little pond is accessible by a ten minute walk from the parking on a wide boardwalk. The kids including me enjoyed the pond especially the small stream of water running under trees.


After the splashing we finished a nice meal in the parking area and I even had a short nap before continuing. We have crossed from BC to Yukon for thr first time and we have stopped for fuel at a retro petrol station with analogue counters and a quite damaged welders and tire shop.


By 7:30pm we have arrived to Watson Lake where we first visited the Signpost Forest.


Then we stopped at Downtown RV Park where we washed Fordy with Ábel and planned to wash Sally in the morning before leaving.

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