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Revisiting our plans, aka flexibility

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After a few weeks on the Eastern coast of Canada we planned to move to the West, seeing Toronto then further West across Ontario, Manitoba and Saskachewan before arriving to Alberta. We are visiting a friend there and they are also amid campers so gave a lot of good tips. We also plan to spend some time together offgrid! But on such a long trip you need to be flexible and an earlier mistake forces us to take a bit longer drive to Toronto, as we need to stop by in Delaware, USA.


Although it was not planned like this we are fine with this change. Maine in the USA will be a scenic drive and we wanted to find new challenges on this trip, one of them being able to accept things you can not control. Here is another one.

The earlier mistake was related to our car's registration process. The dealer where we bought the car said there is no need to do anything in person in Delaware and they will take care of the plates. That time I did not check this myself on the website of DMV but believed the dealer. Now, after a month later it became clear that we should have visited a DMV office in Delaware to show the car's Vehicle Identification Number which we did not at the time I picked up the car.

As this step can not be done remotely in any way now we need to get back there and have it done. So it be, we are excited to see this part of the USA as well! Now we plan to explore Maine, pass Boston, Philadelphia, New York to Wilmington, Delaware and then up North to the Niagara Falls near Toronto. Compared to driving back through Canadian land (Quebec) it is just 500 kms longer and it is told to be an epic drive! Will see.


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The Reversing Falls in Saint John, NB

sunny 24 °C
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We have already learned about the highest tide of the world at Fundy National Park and now we have seen the Reversing Falls at Saint John, NB, which is, well, reversing. Every six hours the river is "pushed back" by the high tide of the sea.
The first part of the video was shot at aroun 3pm, at low tide, then the river was flowing "normally" to the sea. The second part of the video was shot at 9:30pm, at the highest tide, then the seawater flows into the river bed and the falls is reversing.

In the background there is a large paper factory of Irving.

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Saint John, New Brunswick

sunny 23 °C
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Leaving PEI on the Comfederation Bridge was a foggy and misty drive, it was still amazing how high above the water the bridge was built, we kept climbing with the car for several minutes before reaching the climax and started our descent to New Brunswick.

We picked a campsite in the city of St John which is in a large park. It was designed by one of the architects of the New York Central Park (Calvert Vaux) and it is the 2nd largest park in Canada with its 2200 acres and ten lakes and several miles of tracking paths of different difficulties.

The weather was kind so far to us as most days on campsites were sunny (except our first rainy day in Montreal when Echo arrived in a thunderstorm). Whenever we took larger distances on a full day it was raining but that was less disturbing as long as we could enjoy the sun during our few day stops. So the rain during our drive was not a problem and the next day was sunny again in St John. We stayed here for a week as we had to revisit our plans for the next leg of our journey (but that is a separate post coming soon). During this week we wanted to combine beach time with excursions. There are smaller, lakeside beaches in the Rockwood Park and we also wanted to see the sea.

On Friday there was some rain expected so we planned a short excursion to explore the city itself. We were driving through the SouthEastern part of the city and the seaside is now remodelled to a less industrial, more citizen friendly setup with a boardwalk. We stopped at the Rainbow Park Splash Pad for the sake of the kids and it was a great place to spend some time with them. The rain stopped and the sun came out so we enjoyed the playground.


I especially liked the 3 large drums and 3 large xylophones.


Then we drove on to the Carleton Martello Tower Historic Site
which is a defense tower built by the Englishmen XX. It is in a strategic location and it was never attacked after it was built.


The next stop was Irving Nature Park Children's Forest with a very nice BBQ area


a Hegde Maze


and a large children's playground wich was another entertaining spot for our kids. I was enjoying watching a squirrel while my wife fed the smallest member of our family.
Our larger kids practiced growth mindset on a zipline where at first they were not able to jump on the hanging slider but after some encouragement and failed trials they both mastered the use of the zipline. I was proud of them especially as they both continued after once falling off the zipline.

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Prince Edward Island - the heritage of Lucy Maud Montgomery

Green Gable, Anne and the Road to Avonlea

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After our exciting (and free) ferry ride into PEI from Nova Scotia we settled for a few days in the Twin Shores Campground near Darnley in Prince Edward Island. While the kids (and Echo) enjoyed much the sandy dunes we also wanted to see a few places connected to Lucy Maud Montgomery.

She is a famous writer who was raised in PEI. We visited three locations linked to her life and books. The first one was a random found which we almost missed: on our way to our chosen Avonlea site my wife noticed a sign in front of a house so we turned back and stopped. This was the house where the writer was born.


After looking at the house we continued to Avonlea which was a bit of a disappointment. It was basicly a food-court, half of the buildings being closed. Only the icecream we bought at The Cow was a nice relief.


It was late afternoon when we sat in the car and I started to take a closer look in the area when I noticed a museum just a few hundred meters away from the Avonlea "foodcourt". So this was the 3rd place we quickly visited and this was a very informative visitor center / museum we liked much better than Avonlea. There was the building Lucy Maud Montgomery was raised and we walked through the rooms arranged with vintage furniture and decor. The kids enjoyed learning about the irons, heating, washing and bathrooms used 120 years ago.


The best part was the walk in the "Haunted Forest" which was not frightening but very much magical with interesting trees and the sound of the forest.

To close off the perfect excursion day we stopped at North Rustico Beach for a late afternoon beachtime for the kids. It was almost empty and the sun was warm enough to play in the sand for another hour and a half before leaving back to the campsite for our last night in PEI. We head on to St John in New Brunswick the next morning!


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Our first Canada Day, which is the 155th!

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1st of July is Canada's birthday, "Canada Day"! We wanted to celebrate as locals do and to our surprise the festivities are somewhat similar to the celebrations of Hungary's 20th of August. Fireworks! And barbeque in Canada which is less connected to Hungary's "birthday" but my favourite summer activity.

So we wanted to do something similar and we celebrated with a large fire on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at the Waves End RV and Camping. It was actually the eve of Canada Day as the next morning we already planned to drive towards an exciting ferry crossing from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island (PEI as seen on traffic signs). The kids really enjoyed feeding the fire and we used a lot of semi-dry sea-weeds to frighten mosquitos with great success. After sunset we kept the fire alive and after about three hours of fun we called a day.

The next day (on actual Canada Day) we drove back to Shelby's for a stopover and the next morning we got up early, drove to the Caribou Ferry which was about 20 minutes away from Shelby's. The ferry is free of charge from NS to PEI, on a first come first served basis or you can book a certain spot for 86 dollars. As we have more time than money we took the risk of showing up without a reservation. Worst case we though we wait another ferry, there are ships leaving 8 times a day. When we arrived about an hour before the first boat there were about ten cars in front of us so our logic was right: locals are not moving around that much on Canada Day, they enjoy the middle of the long weekend. Good on you - as Australians would say, rigth, James?

The ferry was a huge ship to my standards, the passenger cars went to floor -1 and larger trucks and trailers went to the ground level. For walk-on passengers and people from the cars there were 3 levels of decks, some covered with large seating areas and some open air. The crossing took about 75 minutes and the salty air of the sea was my favourite. The boat was at about 25% of its capacity to my judgement so there was really not much crowd around.


After the ferry crossing we has about 150 km to cover and we stopped at an Atlantic Superstore to fill up our pantry in Charlottetown. Some fresh veggies, meat for the grill and hamburgerbuns to finish off the barbeque-part of Canada Day celebration! There was lots of rain as we drove to Twin Shore Camping which is open since the 1950s, now connecting two beaches and being the largest campsite since our journey. The campsite was 100% full due to the Canada Day long weekend and on Sunday evening the weekenders left for home, so we enjoyed staying another two nights in a half-empty campsite.


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