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Snoqualmie Falls and Mount Rainier National Park

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After Halloween we drove on towards Mount Rainier National Park and enroute we have stopped at Snoqualmie Falls.


Later the day we have arrived to a small Ukrainian-run restaurant and lodge near Mt Rainier which was called Paradise Village. After a good night rest in their parking spot booked via Harvest Hosts we started our drive up into the mountain. At the entrance we were turned back to first get snowchains for our car which is mandatory from the 1st of November till May.

Luckily many places nearby offer chains for rent, a fee of 20 dollars for safety seems fine. We returned to the park entrance and drove about 30 minutes to the visitor center and we time travelled again: this time from autumn to winter. As we ascended it started to snow and it was snowy all around. Although it was foggy and cloudy the trees and the view was still beautiful.


After experiencing deep snow at the visitor center we turned back and stopped at Narada Falls. From the parking spot it is hard to see anything as it is at the top of the falls. But after descending about 200 meters on the icy and snowy short trail the majesty of the fall became imminent.


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Although we prefer national parks and forests for our stopovers we still like to visit larger towns. We have seen Montreal, Quebec, New York, Philadelpia, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver so we though we walk in Seattle too.

Unfortunately it was a Monday and all great museums we were interested in were closed but our kids enjoyed a lot the playground next to the Children's museum.


Then we had a quick pizza and stopped by one of my favourite American idol, the statue of Jimmy Hendrix. After Kerouac he was also impacting me with his music in my late teen years.


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Halloween at Tall Chief RV Park, Fall City

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Halloween is a big thing for kids and although it was not celebrated in my childhood in Hungary, our home country, in the last few years it became more and more common to party with kids, especally in school events. So our kids were quite excited that we are in the home of Halloween's celebrations. We made sure we are in a campsite with an opportunity to go around and shout "Treat or Cheat!". We also prepared with some candy for visiting kids and also carved pumpkins for decoration.

Our son chose a witch and our daughter chose an owl from the small booklet and I made the carving, they added some smaller decoration (a star).


One day before Halloween we visited a Hungarian family living in the area, we were connected by a friend we both know. They moved to the USA for a job 8 years ago and although they planned for 3 years they stayed ever since. With four kids they have a very busy life and we were very grateful to meet them. We enjoyed talking over a great dinner and we are happy meeting another great family on our trip. In their neighbourhood some houses were very seriosuly decorated for Halloween. Some people take the extra mile and likely spend a smaller fortune on the celebrations too. Our favourite was a house with a local FM transmitter wich was providing music to our FM radio in the car and a synchronised light show on the house.

There were several huge skeletons, pumpkins and lots of spiders, tombs and other decoration too.


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Animal farms on our way

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So after crossing the USA-Canadian border our first stop was at a Wagyu kettle farm. We have seen and fed the cows which are famous for their exellent and marbly meat.

We also met Sylvia the pig and Cher the goat. They were friendly and cute while Echo was patiently waiting outside of the barn while we petted other animals.


Then we also ate them (not Sylvia nor Cher, but some wagyu, at least a nice little piece which was indeed excellent. Before-after photos tell the story.


The location was close to the border and the farm seconds as a small campground with 5-6 sites. We met a German couple who we had seen at Bella Pacifica Campground. They arrived to both places just a few hours after us.

The next stop was an alpaca farm. No eating involved with these cuties, they look like a huge poodle dog after being trimmed. We bought some special alpaca food to handfeed them.


And the last animal farm we visit is in the crypto woirld. It is a project which was on hold for several months and now restarts on the 1st of November. I hope it turns out better than the overall crypto market now as it is struggling since last summer, my well timed entry point. Hopefully the Pig (AFP) and Dog (AFD) tokens themed after Orwell's famous book will fly after the 1st of November! Keep an eye on it here. Not financial advise!

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Leaving Alaska and entering Canada again

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After our forced three day stop we were ready to roll South. It was high time to do so as our trailer is not winterised and tenperatures hovered just above freezing. We even got a warning in the form of snow as we passed somewgat higher elevations near Tok.
We stopped as tge kids wanted to walk in the fresh snow and took some pictures, then pressed on the Highway.


In the late afternoon we have reached the Alcan Border where after leaving the USA you have to keep driving about 30 kms to reach the Canadian border. We had a very short and smooth entry process, noone else was waiting at the Canadian entry and the office was very brief with questions. We stipped not much further the border and had a good night sleep in a roadside rest area.

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