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August 2022

Cedar Creek Gardens

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After another longer distance driving on the flat lands of middle Canada we arrived to another "Boondockers Welcome" location near Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The city is the second-largest in the province, after Saskatoon, and is a commercial centre for southern Saskatchewan. Regina had a city population of about 215,000.

We have stopped at Cedar Creek Gardens just outside of the city. The kids favourite was the petting zoo of goats, pigs and ponies.


I was thinking to change our trailer to one these vintage models but finally I decided to keep the slideout version.


There is a lot of development going on at Cedar Creek Garden, the owners are adding new features including minigolf and the two dinosaurs promise a Jurassic themed maze in the near future.


It fits well with the barred tiger salamander who frightened me in the evening when I was about to feed Echo. When I moved his water bowl this thing moved next to it. I did not notice it just when it started to run. Then several other came on the wet ground so I took a photo of it. We keep learning new species by using the "Seek" app which tells the species based on a photo.


Good place to stop on your way East-West. We are now going on, already excited to spend the next 3 days at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.

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Goodwill Farm and Souris

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The long, straight roads of Manitoba are almost endless and the horizon is really stretched out. Quite an unique experience. I really like the messages of the gps in the morning: "After 330 km turn left." Long driving days and we have to be careful with fuel as there are long stretches without filling stations. To reach our stopover for tonight we had to drive on an unpaved road for several miles. Locals do 60-70 km/hour without a blink of their eye and the dry dust after the fast cars looks like the movie Mad Max.

After arriving to Goodwill Farm


we visited the nearby small town of Souris. There is the longest (walk) suspension bridge of Canada (remember, USA and Canada likes the BIGGEST, LONGEST, LARGEST...) The bridge was rebuilt several times and the remains of the old bridge was preserved. Even the wider, new bridge was swinging a lot, I imagine the old one, must have been a frightening walk across the river.


We also found out that the Souris-Glenwood Outdoor Pool & Waterpark is open for public swimming from 19:00-21:00 so we closed the day with some wet sliding fun.


The next morning we had a good chat with the owner, Mr Joe Goodwill about the farm. Very kind couple with Lynn, good meeting them and learning about their farm. He kindly showed the technicals of raising cattle. Abel, our son was vere much interested in the locking systems to keep cows in place why helping them with their calves. He also let to feed the horses by the kids. Great memories for sure.


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After our rest at Aaron Provincial Park we stayed for another resting day at a KOA West of Winnipeg. By now we already left Ontario, the home of thousand lakes (including the Great Lakes) and reached Manitoba which is flat and provides corn, potatoe, grain and livestock to feed Canada.
We also stopped at a landmark at the Center of Canada which is at 96° 48' 36" longitude west.


In the afternoon I took the two larger kid into the Children's Museum and they had a blast there. It is more like a big indoor playground including a real train, an excavator kids can operate and some other fun activities including a wet corner with miniature dams and whirlpools. Their favourite was another corner teaching them how milk is produced and it was fun with an air blowed pipe system and many small balls. They can turn switches to change the course of the balls in the pipes, they can fly either to the huge milk bottle or just fall out of the ceiling. It was a fun afternoon for sure.


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Aaron Provincial Park

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Provincial Parks are our favourite campsites. They have the basic utilities (electricity and water, sometimes even sewer) and they still almost feel like boondocking alone in a forest. Large, shaded spots further away from each othen than spots in a KOA or private camping. So we were looking forward to get into a park again after long days on the road. So we booked two nights i n Aaron Provincial Park to have a relaxing day after our arrival.

Enroute to the park we were still in Ontario but crossed a time zone and entered the Central Standard Time zone. We have also seen an old airplane at a fuek stop just a bit before the timezone change.


The Aaron park is next to the TransCanadian Highway still feels like in a forest. There is a nice lake in it and some hike paths as well, and a dam. At the registration we were warned that there are bears in the area so we should lock all food away and be careful in general.


We went for a short walk in the evening and the next day we explored the hiking paths in the morning. I have seen an otter swimming under the bridge where we stopped for a morning snack.


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Marathon to Thunder Bay - Terry Fox Scenic Memorial

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After sleeping well in Marathon we left our kind host (who provided electricity and water for free) we continued to West and found a beautiful stopover for lunch right on the shore of Lake Superior. It was windy and fresh but the sunshine warmed up the sand what was a great spot for Echo as well.


Right before arriving to our next evening stop we noticed a sign of "Terry Fox Scenic Lookout". We quickly pulled over and we were grateful to find this place by coincidence.


Who was Terry Fox? A Canadian athlete who first lost his leg due to cancer, then decided to continue running and raising money for cancer research. He started his fundraising run from St John's in 1980 and completed a marathon every day until June, when he reached Thunder Bay. Then the spread of his cancer forced him to end his "Marathon of Hope" after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres. Although he lost his life he left an ever lasting legacy and since then over cost him his life, his efforts resulted in a lasting, worldwide legacy. Until today more than C$800 million has been raised in his name.


I was speechless at his memorial site and these moments were also unforgettable memories like our recent visit at Jack Kerouac's grave.

My accomplishment for the day with such honorable role models was to back in into my tightest parking spot. A passerby even applauded and showed a thumbs up, yelling "good job!" after watching how I manouvered the trailer between the stairs and a tree.


At night - serving proof of the name of "Thunder Bay" there was a storm, rain and thunders. In the morning the rain stopped so our leaving procedure was quick and easy. Another host who accepted no money for the electricity.

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