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La Paz

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We have found a very nice campsite near La Paz, it was the best so far by some factors. It had lots of families with kids, great facilities including a good playground, a laundry and a pool. The only negative could be the coooooold water in the pool as it was not heated. We still used it once with the kids as the days were very warm, around 20-24 degrees Celsius.

During our longer stay here we went to La Paz, the largest town in the Southern part of the peninsula.


We visited the Museum of Whale and Marine Sciences (Museo de la Ballena y Ciencias del Mar) which both Echo and the kids enjoyed.


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Mulegé to Marathana RV Park (via Palapa 206)

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After Mulegé we did not want to have very long drives so we decided to split the remaining kms to two days to La Paz. The overnight stop was at Palapa 206 RV Park which is a small, dusty camp, more like a parking lot but ok for a safe one night stop. It is near to the junction for San Carlos on the Pacific shore which we skipped this time. After our overnight stop we arrived to Marathana RV Park which is a very nice and well maintained camping site. It is almost full and many caravans are using it for 1-2 nights but we decided to stay longer. It has a pool, a nice playground and a coffee with some snacks and smaller meals too. The reason we wanted to stop a bit longer is to have some time for La Paz, and to get our new temp tag for the trailer again. It seems that we might finally get the final tag after about 8 months but our temp tag expired again so we needed a new temp tag until the final tag arrives.


We have a very relaxed stay and went for some walks, once to the beach and later to La Paz


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Guerrero Negro to Mulegé (via San Ignacio)

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We left GN after some further strange challenges: it was raining in the evening and the stairs and the door handle had some voltage via the water. It worked like an electric sheperd and was not leathal but painful. I rather disconnected electricity for the night to avoid any unexpected problems. Unfortunately Echo had his painful experience on top of his earlier defeat. When he was going out of the trailer he was also electroshocked on the metal stairs so he jumped out and avoids the stairs ever since. Now we have to retrain him that the stairs are not enemies.

We have visited a nice little town enroute to Mulegé. In San Ignacio there was a pretty little square with restaurants and a catholic church.
The site for the future mission was discovered in 1706 by Francisco María Piccolo at the oasis of Kadakaamán ("arroyo of the reeds"). The site was a busy agricultural center and served as the base for later Jesuit expansion in Baja. Jesuit missionary Juan Bautista de Luyando founded the mission in 1728 and the church was constructed by the Dominican missionary Juan Gómez in 1786. The mission was finally abandoned in 1840.


We had a good taco for lunch and finished our daytrip to Mulegé at the Villa Maria Isabel RV Park & Campsites. The place had dogs, parrots and large grasshoppers. We walked in the dark to the river where snall fish jumped all over the water. Our daughter grabbed one by hand and it was released afterwards. Sally, our trailer looked quite small between the larger rigs on our sides.


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Guerrero Negro

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The drive from La Poma to Guerrero Negro was easy and smooth. The road is narrow (we almost completely fill the lane and there is no shoulder) so I need to concentrate constantly to keep the trailer in the lane but otherwise there are no big issues. The camp we stopped was right next to the main road a few hundred meters before Guerrero Negro which has a huge salt factory.


The campsite was quite rundown and the ground was covered by large seashells, most of which was already broken into small pieces. I was afraid of tire damage but we got away without that. Unlike poor Echo who was run over and badly bitten by a gang of three local dogs. He has scars on his front leg and it is quite swollen. We cleaned and desinfected the bites and he will be fine in a few days. So far every dog was very friendly at campsites so he was wandering around and greeted these dogs too but they were protecting their home as these were the local bad boys and not other campers. A tough lesson learnt.

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Hungarian interview with the podcast Kalandvágyból külföldre

We had a great chat with a Hungarian podcast, you can listen to it to get better sleep (if you still haven't learned Hungarian)

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